2.6 meter Alloy inflatable tenders

2.6 meter Alloy inflatable tenders


Equipped with a Marine Grade double Aluminium floor (good on the feet) Floor covered with EVA anti slip padding for comfort, each unit can have a front cabin to keep the anchor out of harms way (extra) . The tender comes with welded U bolts for davit lifting.

Tenders come with white powder coating and made from PVC or Hypalone with welded joins.

They are tough and light weight weighing (37 KG) Max Load (350KG) Pax (4 Adults) Outboard (10HP) shaft (short) LOA (2.6) Beam (1.54) Tube Diameter (390). Complete with oars, Pump and adjustable Aluminium Seat.

Captains comments: PVC quality has come a long way in the past years and proves reliable long term. (sunbrella covers are always advisable to keep the sun cream off the tubes)

Price Delivered to the Marina RP 22,518.150.00

Hyalone add Rp 3,900,000.00


Anchor hatch Rp 2,500,000.00

Tube covers Rp 1,150,000.00


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